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Shipping Costs & Countries

Shipping countries and prices

Fanisetas ships your order by Yupick, Correos Spain Postal Service, Delnext to the following destinations:

Spain - Balearic Islands - Portugal

Since 2 tees More than 2 tees
Delivery by Correos
Spain & Balearic Islands - Delivery 48/72h (Not available)
3.95€ (Peninsula) / 6.95€ (Balearic) Free*
Spain Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla y Andorra (Not available) 6.95€ Free*
Delivery Spain Peninsula & Balearic Islands 72h 3.95€ (Peninsula) / 7.95€ (Balearic) Free*

European Union

Since 3 tees More than 3 tees
/ Europe - Portugal 5.95€ 5.95€
/ Europe - Germany, France
8.95€ 8.95€
/ Europe - Netherlands Belgium, U.K., Italy
9.95€ 9.95€

We ship to Spain and some European Countries.

Shipping to Península and Balearic Islands, with Correos - 48/72h delivery. Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta and Andorra 4-6 days delivery.

The estimated delivery time on Europe sendings would be between 4-6 days depending on the country.

Your orders will be send in, 3-5 working days, first we have to do your tees before sending.

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Shipping Costs & Countries

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