Earn points on your shoppings!

Fanisetas.Com will not only thank you for making us grow day by day, we know that without your shoppings and without your support on the work we do, really, we would not be here. Therefore we are proud to announce that Fanisetas.Com launches its points system, like other companies reward customer loyalty.

And what will you get with this point system? You will get discounts and apply them when you want as these points are translated into money. For every shirt you buy you will get points for each photo you send us the FotoFans more points for each comment you write about our products on social networks, points!.

This is a list of points to be granted

By buying a shirt: 19 points equals to 1.9€ *

By sending us a picture wearing your shirt:10 points 1€ **

* The shirts that already have a discount or special price have no points.

** No matter how many pictures you will receive 10 points for each model of Tee.

In any case points are redeemable for cash.

You can redeem a maximum of 200 points (20€) per purchase/order.

Points are automatically added to your purchase once you receive your order.

The points will accumulate and be valid for any of our 3 catalogs: Fanisetas, T-Shirts Portal Of Offensive Tees.

Points will be added to all registered customers and may be redeemed in subsequent transactions. If you make a purchase without being registered, the points will be lost.

In the order you spent your points yo will not earn points.

Points expires after 6 months. Remember to use them!

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