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The story of Fanisetas began a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ...

In 2008 two young entrepreneurs began their journey to make his place in the world, as many others who struggle to make their dreams come true. Our dream was honest and sincere, to be able to live from what we like to do, one to program and another to design.

We started in a difficult time with a global crisis (which continues today), something that also affected all those entrepreneurs, since many clients closed and opportunities could be counted on the fingers.

One day, in the speech of the following year, 2009, my designer partner came up with the idea of making a T-shirt website with designs of movies, series and cartoons that we loved when we were little and not so small. And so, friends, arose Fanisetas, a web that wanted to pay homage to the whole world with which we grew up, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Alien, ET The Alien, The Goonies, The Promised Princess .... Phrases and mythical situations that we always wanted to wear with us, and what better to desing a t-shirt!

Cataputla Infernal

Captain Tsubasa

Flameado De Moe

A sweet flaming shirt


A very geek team

A shirt, an idea that seems very simple but difficult to develop on a huge project like this website, but we carry on, the best thing that can happen in your life is fight for what you believe, and we believed in Fanisetas and Fanisetas believed in us.

The web came to light in July 2009, and the first order is the one you most remember more specifically on July 27, 2009. What a nerve, but the machinery had already started and it would be difficult to stop anything.

The great acceptance of our idea by the general public, made us grow at a pace that not even in our best dreams could have imagined, since, thanks to you can configure the design with the color and model of garment that you want, Gave the unique touch and authenticity required by the brand. There are no two Fanisetas alike in the world since yours is your design with your red shirt and another customer's green. In addition, we were pioneers in the use of digital printing to print our designs, which we could print, from a unit in full color, the design we wanted with any type of garment, when other companies were still anchored in Screen Printing.

The City Council of our city, Benidorm, valued our efforts and projection by awarding us the first prize of Entrepreneurial Ideas of the city of 2011 and, our fans, were so requested, that television channels bet for us to dress their actors in such recognized spanish series as AIDA, Cuntame Como Pas, +Gente, El Hormiguero, Con El Culo Al Aire, Pasapalabra, La que se avecina, Callejeros, Los 40TV... In addition, we were collaborators with the video game magazine Meristation with its section The Pixel.

Orbita Laika

Fanisetas on rbita Laika


Fanisetas on Los40TV


Fanisetas on AIDA

As you can read have been a very intense years of work, where all the feelings of the film Reverse, joy, sadness, fear, uncertainty ... have been manifested all that is common in all families!

And now, after almost 20000 orders, as many as friends and customers, thank you for your support and trust. Without you we would not have arrived where we are nor endured for so many years, for that, a thousand thanks to all.


Because in Fanisetas we are a team, that gives everything and is concerned that you have in time your orders, that you attend by phone, e-mail, whatsapp and those who are always there when you are glad that everything has arrived perfect or when you pissed off because something goes wrong.

When you have doubts to buy or not, simply let you know that behind the screen you have an ally. Fanisetas is not like other big companies that pass from one phone to another when you have a problem or any query, nor when you make an order you are one of the list, we are one more like you who try to earn a living and for this they put everything The effort and the heart to always do the best. A team that cares that everything goes well and that your orders arrive on time.

In the department of customer service, sales, logistics, responsible web, social networks and everything that is put ahead: José Daniel Ibáñez Romero

José Daniel Ibáñez Romero

José Daniel Ibáñez Romero

Computer Engineer in Management and Postgraduate in E-Commerce, love cinema and the reading, also travel and to enjoy the nature. I like to practice sports. Otherwise, the man who takes care of everything. At your service!

In the artists department, design review, collaborator and brother: Óliver Ibáñez Romero!

Óliver Ibáñez Romero

Óliver Ibáñez Romero

Alias OliPop and, besides being a graphic designer, fond of movies, series, video games ... and brother of the one who takes care of everything. Since 2007 I have worked in several companies related to graphic design, but in 2010 I started working for Fanisetas where I discovered the world of geek t-shirts. Since then it has become my current profession, and in early 2013 I decided to take the leap alone and create the craziest designs in the whole network, as well as lend a hand for Fanisetas to remain the benchmark in Spain, with the most original and fun t-shirts of internet.


Of course, somebody has to make the t-shirts everyone talks about, with the best digital printing machine in the world and the clothes with the softest quality cotton you can put on.


The workshop that does not rest


T-shirts that last forever


Maximum print quality


Customers, but above all friends, who bet on the quality of our shirts and sent us their photos so you can convince yourself that you are buying a shirt as unique as you.


A son of stark always get warm!


Clever shirts for clever girls!

Camiseta Harry Popoter

A guy with style

Camiseta Lannister

Lannister always pays his doubts.

Camiseta Linterna Verde

He is...Green Lantern

Camiseta MacGyver

MacGyver always have a plan!

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